General Information

Saturday, 1 October 2016
Arkansas Wing Headquarters
2201 Crisp Drive, Little Rock, Arkansas

​All wing members are invited, and welcome to bring guests.


Morning Assembly
• 0800 - Sign in
• 0900 - Call to Order of the Morning Assembly
Evening Assembly
• 1715 - Sign in
• 1830 - Call to Order of the Evening Assembly

CAP MEMBER UNIFORMS: (reference CAP Uniform Manual CAPM 39-1)
Morning Assembly
• CAP Corporate Uniform -- Gray slacks with either blue corporate polo (Figure 5.3) or white aviator shirt (Figures 4.16, 4.17).
• Air Force Style Uniform -- Class B short sleeve without tie (Figures 4.9, 4.10).
• Civilian -- Business casual.
No BDUs, ABUs, flight suits or tactical pants.
Evening Assembly
• CAP Corporate Uniform -- Semi-formal (Figures 4.12, 4.13).
• Air Force Style Uniform -- Mess Dress (Figures 4.1, 4.2) or Service Dress (Figures 4.6 and 4.7).  Cadets: semi-formal (Figures 4.3, 4.4, 4.5).
• Civilian -- Semi-formal.  Males wear coat and tie.
• Members involved with the evening program should wear a service dress coat (Figures 4.14, 4.15), blue blazer combination or civilian business attire (coat & tie).

• Cadets who do not have a service coat may wear their blue uniform with tie.  Wear of ribbons is recommended.
No BDUs, ABUs, flight suits or tactical pants.

Members in AF-style uniforms are reminded of mandatory compliance with weight standards (Attachment 2) and grooming standards (Attachment 3).
Cost for the banquet is $30 per person.  If paying at the conference, make checks to Arkansas Wing, Civil Air Patrol or bring exact cash.

Questions?  Contact Lt Col Larry Webster @ (870) 225-6849.

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Civil Air Patrol
The Civilian Volunteer Auxiliary
of the

United States Air Force


Arkansas Wing Headquarters
2201 Crisp Drive, Little Rock, Arkansas 72202
 (501) 376-1729